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Professional Services

At Conn3ct, our subject matter experts and delivery teams work in close partnership to deliver our professional services across a wide range of technologies and environments. This allows us to implement our proven approach to defining and building the customer experience strategy and support the technology architecture that’s right for your business.


Developing an integrated customer experience technology platform is an ongoing process. Technology doesn’t stand still — and nor do your customers’ expectations. New cloud services, mobile platforms, devices, and technology are launched regularly. Functionality that starts as new and exciting quickly becomes a must-have.


We work with organisations at any stage (from high-level ideas through to existing full systems), helping you to create and launch technology that improves your business now and tomorrow.

Our Professional Services

Our standard sprint-based approach to delivering projects consists of the following phases (some of which can be merged, such as strategy and vision, or removed if this work has already been completed):


1.  Customer Experience Strategy

We begin with a strategic workstream to shape your long-term roadmap. This involves understanding your customers using analytics, research (both new and existing), and focus groups. A customer journey map will reveal your customers’ key touchpoints as well as their expectations as they move along the journey.


2.  Product Vision

This exploratory phase is appropriate if your business has an idea or a need but doesn’t yet have a clearly defined feature set or product description. You may also have budgetary or timescale challenges that mean defining an MVP (minimum viable product) is advantageous. This phase facilitates functionality discussions, identifying key features, exploring concepts, and allows us to produce a ballpark estimate.


3.  Project Definition

The Project Definition phase is used when clients have a good idea of their projects’ requirements but need to firm-up and demonstrate the key concepts — perhaps to gain buy-in from internal stakeholders and get a better idea of the associated costs.


4.  Design

Here we identify the key sources of data and integration points, security and compliance requirements, and design the overall technology architecture needed to deliver the customer service strategy. We follow a sprint-based approach for UX and visual/UI design, with each two-week sprint yielding both ad-hoc design drops/prototypes for discussion and feedback, and a formal design release for approval at the end of each sprint. We also undertake user testing.


5. Development, Test and Launch

Next, we begin the development, integration, testing, acceptance, and launch of the system. We have developed and refined a software development process for application/system development and integration, taking the best traditional practices including detailed project planning, stage reviews, risk management, and change management, before combining them with a collaborative sprint-based approach based on Scrum. We employ a flexible, collaborative approach to product development, usually involving two-weekly sprints with a release available at the end of each. Believing that communication is key to keeping a project on track and ensuring the requirements are mutually understood, we keep in constant contact with our customers, with daily stand-up meetings at a time that suits them.


6. Support, Roadmap, Evaluation and Optimisation

Our services extend beyond simply developing and launching a service. For most customers, we provide ongoing support and maintenance of the systems, apps, and integrations, and work on roadmap enhancements. Once a solution is live, we’re able to get real data. We track and measure analytics to see patterns, habits, and new behaviours to see exactly how customers and agents are using the technology to inform the next phase of development.

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