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Global Network Services: Challenges

Global businesses need networks that fit their requirements, costs and timescales but the large, slower-moving, multi-national network providers are neither organised nor equipped to deliver a customised service. This often results in under or over provisioning, compromised performance and unnecessary expense.

Bespoke Networks: Why settle for the network you’re given when you can have the network you need?


Conn3ct offers best-fit, best-performance global connectivity solutions that align with your specific business needs. CRiSP, our innovative Core Routing Infrastructure and Services Platform, enables seamless direct connection with the world’s top carrier network to provide a high performance, made-to-measure global network that comes with an end-to-end SLA and full interoperability with our global Intelligent SIP service.


Voice and other delay sensitive traffic is fully supported across the core and carrier networks, and delivered via our local, in-country data centre hubs to control latency. Supported by our London-based Network Operations Centre, you get one point of contact and a completely personalised service. 



Global Networks: Is your global network an asset or a liability?



Network carriers and traditional aggregators don’t have the resource or expertise to deliver the high performance, multi-network solutions demanded by today’s international businesses – and they’ve shied away from the complexities of managing global quality of service and fragmented SLAs.


Conn3ct takes a different approach. Developed in-house, our CRiSP platform simplifies the provisioning and management of global networks. It connects directly to best-in-class global carriers to provide bespoke worldwide networks that are optimised for performance and cost, and backed a single, end-to-end SLA.


Services are supported by our Global SIP infrastructure and delivered locally through data centre hubs around the world to enable accurate management of latency and guarantee quality of service for voice and other network sensitive applications.



Quality of Service: Is poor network performance holding back your business?


When real-time communication such as voice, video and collaboration are delivered over converged networks, latency issues can have a big impact on performance. The same problem affects unified communications and contact centre services, and it’s magnified when networks are global.


Conn3ct builds bespoke networks, which allows us to keep latency at a level that’s acceptable to your business. With the support of our ground-breaking Intelligent SIP and collaboration with Tier 1 global carrier partners, our CRiSP platform integrates converged voice and data networks across the world, to give you the high performance connectivity you need.


We deliver global services from strategically located network hubs that allows reliable management of latency below 150ms and are able to control different levels of latency over different legs of a multi-carrier network to optimise both performance and cost. With a single end-to-end SLA, we keep network management simple and quality of service optimised.

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