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Network Services

To expand a business globally, consistent communications across multiple sites is critical. That’s where our managed Network Services comes in. At Conn3ct, we integrate networks and cloud services to make it simpler for our customers to manage complex network solutions.


We provide innovative, reliant, global voice and data services through our proprietary core network platform, CRiSP, inter-connected with global Tier 1 carriers and the public cloud platforms.

What is Network Services?

Our own core network supports our connectivity solutions, which are built for voice services and delivered by more than 40 Tier 1 global carriers. The fully resilient network employs a ‘node’ infrastructure, offering local delivery and services accessible across the world. Services include:


- Ethernet connectivity


- Co-location

- Direct Internet access

- Intelligent SIP (iSIP)

- Virtual hosting 

- Cloud Connect






What You Need, Not What You’re Given


We integrate networks and cloud services specifically for contact centres and unified communications worldwide, making it easier for you to manage complex network solutions. We have deployed, connected, and managed business communications for 30 years. With this expertise, we give you bespoke, flexible, best-fit solutions to meet complex requirements, when the big network carriers can only deliver a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why with Conn3ct, you get what you need, not what you’re given.


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The CRiSP Advantage


Our proprietary CRiSP routing platform enables the integration of networks to give you best-fit, best-cost, bespoke solutions with the flexibility and agility to optimise network design for changing requirements. CRiSP employs global MPLS to provide fully managed QoS and a single service level across multi-carrier solutions. These include access to:

- Internet gateways

- Cloud platforms

- Hosted voice solutions

- Managed firewalls

- Global SIP
- Global ethernet
- Global MPLS


Network Application Model-v2



Download our guide to learn how CRiSP can help deliver global connectivity for  your organisation.



Global SIP


Employee collaboration and multi-channel customer engagement are strategic imperatives. Businesses are reviewing the quality of their global communications and the cost of improving or replacing legacy systems. But where do you start when planning a long-term strategy for your Unified Communications and Contact Centre systems – possibly your most business-critical IT investment?

The rise of SIP as an intelligent enabler of essential collaboration services has created a new starting point from which to build your communications strategy. Crucially, the global availability of SIP now gives multinational businesses the opportunity to capitalise on reliable voice and multimedia communications worldwide, with simpler management and reduced cost. Uniquely, these two essential capabilities are now available as a single Global SIP service.

Conn3ct will take you on a journey to improved communications across your multinational organisation. Our global iSIP service is delivered across the world’s biggest voice network, offering unmatched PSTN replacement opportunities and an excellent platform for a simpler, centralised transition to cloud communications. Our service includes:


- QoS monitoring

- Multi-country billing

- Microsoft certification

- Fraud detection

- SIP trunk aggregation


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Improving the Quality of Voice Services


With the continuing increase in cloud-delivered services, reliable voice connectivity has never been more important. But for global businesses, latency has become a critical issue. We manage latency from our core network using the best global SIP coverage available. By integrating best-of-breed networks and delivering services locally from hubs located across the world, latency is controlled and quality of service assured.




Driving Return on Technology Investment


As well as simplifying the complexity of provisioning and managing high performance global networks, we offer a range of market-leading business communications services that help you maximise return on technology investment – from connectivity and the cloud, to managing your calls.



Feedback From Our Partners


Our services are delivered exclusively through Partners backed by our Network Operations Centre, helpdesk and suite of online services.


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"We identified Conn3ct as one of our key service providers to complement our Hybrid WAN services, optimised for the cloud. Conn3ct provide Dimension Data will flexible, bespoke services to meet unique demands of our clients; be that managed, part managed, wires only, or a combination of all.  Given the complexity of some client IT environments, this is critical.  It also enables us to innovate and differentiate in the market.  

Genius Networks brings over 30 T1 carriers globally. This has greatly simplified our portfolio, contracts and overall management of diverse service provider partnerships."

Wayne​ Sanderson, Solutions Leader Digital Infrastructure


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“Conn3ct takes away the complexity of dealing with multiple carriers providing agile, intelligent and converged network solutions. Working in the spirit of a true partnership, Conn3ct enables NAK to create a strong technical and commercial differentiated service offering in a competitive market.”

Jonathan Green, Managing Director




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