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Natural Language Processing

Conversational Natural Language Application Design, Development and Integration – or ‘Voice Bots’


Rarely does a ‘one size fits all’ approach satisfy the specific needs of an organisation; however, whilst all voice bot applications are unique there are, of course, applications with a common purpose where virtual agents and automation can step in, such as:


  • Identifying a customer’s reason for making contact – ‘intent’
  • Identification & Verification
  • Automated Payments
  • Parcel Tracking
  • Balance Transfers
  • Top-ups
  • Meter Readings


Conn3ct successfully designs and delivers natural language automation to improve the customer experience and operational efficiency by drawing on many years of knowledge and experience of:


  • Speech bot design and development
  • Available technologies and approaches
  • Context-aware intelligent automation
  • Customer expectations


Modern speech or voice bot design and development techniques and new technologies from cloud vendors such as Google and Amazon provide more flexibility and options for end-to-end solution design, integration with contact centre and IVR platforms and commercial models.


We collaborate with our customers to understand their objectives before taking them on a journey that involves continuous development and innovation which follows our Stabilise, Enhance, Transform (SET) approach.





Many organisations have concerns about the effectiveness of their existing IVR/Voice applications; customer dissatisfaction, low call containment rates and high levels of cross transfers are often cited as recognised issues. The reasons could be failings in the original call-flow design and prompt wording, failing to keep pace with the business as processes change, new services or products become available and unseen technical issues.


Conn3ct has the design expertise, a proven approach and roadmap to eradicate these issues while stabilising and optimising existing automated voice services. We have significantly improved the performance of existing voice applications for many organisations with measurable improvements at a low cost.





Many organisations do not have the in-house skills and resources to be able to take a step back, analyse their processes and identify improvements. Additional benefits can be gained by implementing cost-reducing self-service functions or enhancing existing touch-tone applications with speech recognition and Natural Language understanding.


By employing Conn3ct’s many years of experience across industry sectors and expertise in designing and delivering voice applications you can do this resulting in improved NPS scores, lower costs and improved customer experience.





The emergence of new technologies offers much greater flexibility and broader options for voice bot solution design, commercial models, channels and devices (smart speakers, voice-enabled mobile apps etc.) and at a lower cost than was previously possible.


By bringing these technologies and approaches together with an organisation’s existing infrastructure, Conn3ct will help your organisation open the door to voice bot innovations. For example, we’re now delivering a far more cohesive end-to-end customer journey by populating an agent’s desktop with the details of the customers’ interaction with the voice bot prior, or during their conversation with the agent.\


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Our Approach


For contact centre operations it’s not a simple matter of plugging in a voice bot and everything ‘just works’. When exposing the contact centre to Natural Language Processing the expertise and best practice required to create a successful ‘voice bot’ remains essential.


Services in high volume customer-facing environments still require structured application development underpinned by a carefully designed Voice User Interface and integration with third-party host systems. You will need to incorporate your business processes and security protocols as well as an engaging, efficient and conversational caller experience.


Conn3ct has many years of experience in delivering services based on all of these criteria. We have worked with all the major technology partners involved in delivering a successful voice experience such as Google and Amazon as well as proprietary and VXML IVR systems for cloud, on-premise or hybrid solutions.


We have a proven structured methodology designed specifically for delivering speech bot applications, which is easily adapted to a hybrid or full agile framework. Coupled with a pragmatic, flexible and collaborative approach, our customers enjoy the best of both worlds.




Project lifecycle




Customer Success


Conn3ct’s specialist teams use a variety of techniques and technologies for development and integration with virtually all environments, be it entirely new, or those which combine both new and legacy components.


Example Use Cases


  • Design, delivery and integration of a Natural Language Call Steering voice bot successfully routing 110,000 calls every day to either an automated self-service voice bot or human skill group.

  • Analysis, design and delivery of a suite of Speech Recognition applications for JD Williams including ID&V, order tracking and PCI compliant payments processing 73% of payment calls with no agent involvement.

  • Design, delivery and speech enabling all of Vodafone UK mobile’s voice self-service applications.

  • Independent expert analysis for the optimisation of a number of enterprise organisations IVR and Speech Recognition applications and subsequent implementation of improvements. This resulted in a significant reduction in the cost to serve whilst improving the customer experience.

  • Design, development and delivery of middleware to integrate IVR and speech recognition applications into an evolving banking infrastructure.

  • Design, development and delivery of a communication solution to mediate calls and consolidate methods of interaction in a highly complex mobile operator’s infrastructure.





Speech bot support is rising to the top of the priority list for many customers which have significant investments in mission-critical natural language automation applications and platforms. Increasingly organisations come under pressure to migrate to new systems in a timetable which suits the vendor but not their business, and support may be removed or charged at inflated fees.


The latest technologies offer several compelling advantages, but many of our customers still need to "sweat" their current assets and have a cost-effective support function in place; they need to balance expenditure and operational risk when replacing systems running in highly complex environments.


Therefore, Conn3ct provides a comprehensive and cost-effective support service for natural language automation applications and can also arrange support for legacy hardware and software platforms. Our customers find this not only avoids spiralling costs but can reduce outgoings from current levels as well as mitigate operational risk.


An added advantage is that where support has previously been outsourced, we can help to ensure that current applications are fully under our customers’ control, in terms of source code and documentation. This is a key step in planning for enhancements and transformation.



Cloud Services or On-Premise


Conn3ct offers cloud natural language automation services and on-premise solutions or a hybrid of both, even within one voice bot if required for where sensitive information is being processed, e.g. ID&V and payments.



Speech Bot Technology Partners and Skills


Conn3ct works with the world's leading natural language automation technologies to develop and deliver the most advanced self-service voice solutions available. We are vendor agnostic so are able to deliver mission critical solutions based on the technologies which are most suitable for you and your customers' needs.


Speech Bot Development and Natural Language Automation Technologies


AWSGoogle PartnerAvayaGenesys



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Bespoke Software


Our natural language automation applications are usually deployed within complex IT infrastructures requiring integration with customers’ systems. Conn3ct's experienced teams are skilled in delivering bespoke software components and integration layers using numerous methods and technologies.


Java logo


Spring Framework

SOAP Web Service stacks - JAXWS-RI, CXF, AXIS 2, Spring WS

Restful Style Web Services - JAX-RS, Spring MVC

Data Persistence - JPA, Hibernate

XML to Object Mapping - JAXB, Xmlbeans, Castor

Automated build tools - Apache Maven, Ant






MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012

Java Embedded Databases - H2, HSQLDB, Derby




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