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Northumbrian Water

Helping Improve Customer Experience, NPS and SIM Score


Northumbrian Water (part of the NWG Group) customers were starting to communicate to them through more communication channels. While Northumbrian was able to service these channels, they were unable to do so in a holistic way. Different technologies were bolted on, which meant they were effectively working in silos.


Cross-channel communication was also an area for improvement. For example, a customer might start their journey on web chat but the next contact may be via a phone. This cross-channel inconsistency led to customer and agent frustration. Customers often had to repeat themselves and start again each time.


Northumbrian Water had to change their model and decided a CX Transformation project was neededThe goals were to remove the frustration felt by customers then surprise and delight them at every opportunity.




Negative impact of customer frustration on CX and NPS.

Lack of integration created inefficient technology silos.

Inability to provide automated billing and payments.



One agent interface with CRM integration.

Omnichannel Contact Centre that delivered more personalisation and self-service.

Business Outcome

Business Outcome

Improved CX, NPS, and SIM Score (which directly impacts their pricing model).

Increased opportunities for positive customer experience through full integration.

Reduced call volume by automating billing and payments.

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