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Why Choose Conn3ct to Support Your Digital Transformation Journey?

Tony Dolan 12 February 2020

In July last year, we proudly announced that Connect Managed Services and G3 Comms were merging. From there, Conn3ct was born. But what prompted the merger and what makes Conn3ct different? Read on to find out about our unique approach.

To recap, Connect Managed Services and competitor G3 Comms merged to create a market-leading Customer Experience (CX) and Unified Communications (UC) managed services provider, generating annual revenues in excess of £55 million.

Conn3ct is now one of the largest firms of its kind in the UK, backed by Apiary Capital, which acquired a majority stake in G3 Comms in March 2019. Nicki Boyd, Partner at Apiary Capital, commented, “We are delighted to be supporting the compelling merger of Connect and G3.”

We’re proud to support global enterprise customers including Johnson & Johnson, BP and Diageo in the deployment and management of their CX and UC environments. But why Conn3ct — and what makes our approach different? Read on to learn more.



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Why Conn3ct?

At Conn3ct, we’re service obsessed, solution focussed, and truly vendor-agnostic. This means you can count on us to deliver a bespoke solution for your business or organisation — no matter what challenges you’re facing.


We draw on over 30 years of knowledge and experience to solve complex communications challenges in three areas: Contact Centres, Unified Communications, and Network Services.


At Conn3ct, we also recognise that our customers want insight and thought leadership, but above all else, innovation and flexibility that delivers tangible value. 


Our long-established record of designing, implementing, and commissioning innovative solutions allows us to refine your people, processes, and technology. This holistic approach to digital transformation enables us to ensure proven business outcomes.


Our exceptional people, innovative processes, and proprietary technology are our key differentiators. Our extensive knowledge and experience will guide you seamlessly through the transformation journey to ensure it’s painless and cost-effective.


Conn3ct’s unique proprietary monitoring and automation toolset achieve 95%+ service levels. To find out more watch our video:



digital transformation



Our Approach


Our unique ‘Stabilise, Enhance, Transform’ approach solves legacy technology issues and improves efficiency and performance. As a result, can spend less time on administration and troubleshooting and more time focussed on achieving your business goals. 


Here’s how our S-E-T approach works in practice:


  •   Stabilise: Our unique proprietary monitoring and automation toolsets stabilise your existing estate, improve efficiency and performance, and make immediate cost savings.


  •   Enhance: Tell us your challenges. We listen and learn so that we can enhance what is already in place with best of breed adjunct technologies.


  •   Transform: Our unique, truly vendor-agnostic approach allows us to deliver a fully customised, best of breed solution at your pace and in line with your budget.



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Our Team


Connect Managed Services’ Alex Tupman and Martin Cross now lead Conn3ct as CEO and CTO respectively, together with G3’s Adam Young as COO and Peter Francis as CFO respectively. The board is supplemented with industry veterans Mark Thompson as Chairman, and G3 co-founder, Tony Parish, as non-executive director.


About the merger, Group CEO, Alex Tupman, said “Our objective is to create a highly scalable and focussed business that can support the needs of a far greater and more diverse customer base, located within both the UK and abroad. The merger of G3 and Connect brings together two businesses with highly complementary capabilities which will enable our combined clients to derive significant benefits from the newly acquired skills provided by the enlarged team, together with the ability to offer an extended portfolio of specialist and proven products and services."



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Considering changing suppliers?


If your business has been thinking about changing communications suppliers for a while now, but is unsure where to start, we can help.


At Conn3ct, we understand that the process of switching suppliers can be an intimidating one. However, this needn’t be the case. And when it could mean the difference between being able to deliver a seamless customer experience or not, there’s no time to waste.


Our guide to changing suppliers has been specifically created to walk you through the entire process, step-by-step. That way, you can be fully informed before making an important decision about the future of your business’ communications.


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