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Conn3ct Blog | "AI"

Chatbots vs. Web Chat: 5 Key Differentiators You Need to Know

Live web chat is a popular way to deliver customer support, in fact, you can argue that some demographics prefer website chat to other channels...

What Does a Great Customer Experience Look Like?

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations has always been a key factor that distinguishes growing, successful businesses from those that...

Why AI is the Future of Cloud Contact Centre Technology

Contact centres have always been challenging environments that involve high workloads and high volumes of data. The challenge is often arming the...

Harnessing the Power of AI and Machine Learning to Reduce Contact Centre Costs


The concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning have been around for some time, but we are just beginning to see their power to...

Enhancing the Customer Experience: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Contact Centres

AI in Contact Centres delivers valuable insights that can be used to streamline, optimise, and personalise customer journeys to enhance customer...


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