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The Best Unified Communications Solutions

Tony Dolan 17 August 2020

Collaboration is one of the defining features of the unified communications (UC) landscape. Today, team platforms act as a communication platform for the entire company – an easy and convenient way to collaborate and provide excellent user experience.


The ability to do that efficiently and virtually has become incredibly important. With home working becoming common place, the right collaboration platform will make an enormous difference.


There are, of course, countless unified communications options to choose from. All have their pros and cons so depends on your organisation’s use case.

To help you make the right decision for your business’ unique needs and budget, we’ve chosen three of the most popular 0UC solutions and outlined each product’s key features.


Read on to find out how Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Amazon WorkSpaces can benefit your business.


The Current UC Landscape


First, let’s take a look at the rapidly evolving UC landscape. The need for additional, flexible communication channels such as instant messaging and video conferencing has never been more important, with business uptake only increasing. And now in today’s global climate, businesses are increasingly empowering employees to work from home.


Businesses that fail to adapt and unify the broad spectrum of channels available risk frustrating end-users — whether that’s employees, customers, or both — not to mention falling behind their competition. All in all, having communications that are unified is a crucial aspect of keeping up with the changing communications landscape.


However, by implementing UC in your business, you can benefit from an improved user experience, business growth, and operational efficiency.


Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that combines chat, video meetings, file storage (including collaboration on files), and application integration. If you’re already using Microsoft’s Office 365 solution for email or productivity, you’ll have come across Microsoft Teams – though there’s a possibility that you may not have made much use of it so far.


It does a good job of integrating with other Office 365 apps which is great if your productive day is spent inside Word, Excel and the like. Also, note that Teams can integrate with the PSTN network in many countries.


The strength of Microsoft Teams is without a doubt its Office 365 integration and, of course, the fact that it may very well be included in your existing licence agreement.



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A global food provider needed to set up a contact centre to service calls, enquiries and fulfil large orders from their largest retail chain customers. To meet contractual obligations, this needed to be done in a matter of days, with a fully-featured contact centre platform, analytics, compliance and resilience. 


Conn3ct stood up a Genesys cloud contact centre solution for them in less than one week that fully integrated to their SBC and Microsoft Teams instance whilst offering a fully secure link to their LAN.


As a Microsoft Gold Communications Partner, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help you implement and maximise Microsoft Teams for your business.

Our unrivalled network capability, SBC managed services and telephony offering place voice connectivity at the forefront, making Conn3ct x Microsoft the perfect pairing. To learn more about our skills and capabilities, click here.


To discover how we can help you implement Microsoft Teams in your business, book a free consultation with one of our experts today.


Cisco WebEx Teams


Cisco Webex offers a video conferencing service, allowing you to create and join meetings remotely in a matter of clicks. Instant access to participants’ background information helps to further streamline and enhance the user experience.


With functionalities including screen sharing and meeting recording, collaborating on group projects has never been easier.


Cisco Webex also provides team collaboration tools to help speed up projects, build better relationships, and solve business challenges.


With Chat, Meet, Whiteboard, Schedule, and File capabilities, Webex provides all the tools your team could possibly need. Better yet, Webex Teams keeps your information safe using cloud security.





To discover how Conn3ct can help you implement Cisco Webex effectively, book your free consultation now.


Amazon WorkSpaces


Simply put, Amazon WorkSpaces is a managed Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) to help streamline your digital communications solutions to a single, secure platform.


With cloud-based technology, Amazon WorkSpaces eliminates the need to manage complex hardware inventory or on-premise Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – making it an ideal solution to activating your business’ remote working.


Amazon WorkSpaces offers a full-spectrum package with simple-to-use software integrations, giving you the option of running Microsoft Windows or Linux.



Looking for an overview of the state of the unified communications market? Download our guide to unified communications here.


How Conn3ct Can Help

At Conn3ct, we consult with you to fully understand your existing estate and future requirements in detail before recommending solutions for a Unified Communications platform for all users.

Our solutions leverage technology from: 

  •   Session border controllers that support connectivity into Microsoft Cloud UC, as well as integration into legacy PBX systems and ISDN connections. 
  •   Proactive availability and quality monitoring and reporting across advanced unified communications estates including Microsoft, Ribbon, Cisco, and Avaya. 
  •   Managed Services — bespoke solutions to complement your own IT and Telecoms teams. 

Global SIP Service

Employee collaboration and multi-channel customer engagement are strategic imperatives. Now more than ever, businesses are reviewing the quality of their global communications and the cost of improving or replacing legacy systems. But where do you start when planning a long-term strategy for their phone and Contact Centre systems — possibly your most business-critical IT investment.

Conn3ct can take your business on a journey to improve communications globally. Our global SIP service is delivered across the world’s biggest voice network, offering unmatched PSTN replacement opportunities and a simplified platform for a centralised transition to cloud communications.

Through our global SIP service, your business will experience the following benefits:

  •   End-to-end Managed Service. 
  •   Improved performance; reduced complexity. 
  •   The ability to leverage your legacy investment. 
  •   The ability to scale with demand. 


Get in touch today to find out how Conn3ct can help your communication estate.


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