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6 Factors to Consider When You Want to Switch Maintenance Suppliers

Tony Dolan 7 February 2020

Working with the right partner to maintain and transform your organisation’s communication estate is critical to business success. The right partner must always ensure high service levels and business stability but the art of the possible is what will take your business to the next level. That can only be achieved with a partner that can take you on an end-to-end digital transformation journey at a pace that suits you.


If your partner is seen mostly as a cost centre, then something is wrong.


A true partner needs to be a thought leader that brings innovative ideas to improve your customer or user experience whilst making your business more efficient.


A passive communications partner that you only hear from when something goes wrong or around your renewal date is a cue to make a switch.


Though switching partners is a challenging aspect of business when the potential rewards are too significant it must be explored. A commercially flexible partner will help make the contract and financials work for you to make a switch more attractive.


Here are the six factors we think you should consider if you want to switch maintenance suppliers.

1.    Motivate the switch with a business case


Switching partners will take effort and involve risk – there is no denying that. However, the rewards can be substantial. If you’re not happy with your current partner, building a business case around what these rewards might be is the first step – a document that can ignite internal conversations about the switching process.


Take an open and honest look at your existing partner. Are there clear gaps in your services:


  •   poor communication
  •   low service levels/SLAs
  •   lack of innovation


All of these are points that could be used to build your case.


Prospective partners can help with this process if you speak with them. Find out more about Conn3ct Services and what makes us different in our guide.

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2.    Map your current communication estate


It’s easy to lose track of how and where a partner is involved in your communications estate. One of the risks when switching partners is that a key aspect or service could be left behind. Speak with the relevant stakeholders and create a document that maps a high-level overview of all the services your current partner delivers.


This will help prospective partners understand your estate and come at it with a fresh perspective and new ideas.


3.    Find a partner that listens to your business needs


There is nothing worse than having a partner that tells you what solution they want you to have rather than listen to what you need. Our CTO Martin Cross captures this frustrating habit with “[The technology they want to sell you] is the answer, now what’s the question?”.


A partner will work together with you collaboratively (as a true partner should) to become an extension of your team and a good culture fit within your business. 


4.    A technology-fit is essential


If you need a new part for your car you want to know which car mechanic stocks the part you need before you commit to driving there. It’s the same with technology.


You could find the perfect partner but if they don’t have the technical experience and accreditations for the technology you have, the partnership simply won’t work.


In our experience, the most successful digital transformations maximise the value of your existing technologies rather than a rip and replace from day one. Legacy technology should be replaced on a timeline that suits you.


To manage that process you need a partner who has the right technology partnerships for you.


If cloud technology is an important part of your roadmap, you need a partner that has a strong partnership with Genesys and Amazon. If team collaboration is key, you need a partner that can consult, manage and deploy Microsoft Teams.



Related Read: Conn3ct has hundreds of partnerships including Amazon (AWS), Genesys, Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya and AudioCodes.


5.    A service level-driven partner


Communication estates are highly complex and critical to a business, often within highly regulated compliance environments. To maintain and manage them a partner must provide a proactive and preventative approach to enable business continuity, security, and optimal business performance around the clock.


To do this you should seek a partner that deploys the most intelligent monitoring tools, slickest processes and best people.


The service levels achieved are a strong indicator if a partner has these assets in place and can, therefore, deliver for you.


Conn3ct’s unique proprietary monitoring and automation toolset achieve 95%+ service levels. To find out more watch our video:



maintenance supplier



6.    Provide visibility and be transparent


Communication estates are truly 24/7 environments. As such you need a partner that provides not only 24/7 support but complete transparency and visibility of your network status, ticket information and service activity.


This anytime, anywhere access to the latest activities and trends across your estate gives you unparalleled visibility and transparency from your partner.


The Conn3ct Dashboard offers full visibility of your communications estate. To learn more watch the video:



maintenance supplier


Make the Switch to Conn3ct


Change is rarely risk-free, but risks can be minimised by taking the right steps. We’ve outlined six factors for you to consider as a starting point.


At Conn3ct we are confident we can help facilitate a switch to us, we’ve helped many companies switch countless times.


Book a consultation to talk to us so we can get a sense of what your challenges are right now, what you’ve tried so far, and if Conn3ct could be the answer. If we think we can help you, we will put together a high-level plan of how we could bring you maximum value.


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