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5 Key Considerations When Planning A Digital Transformation

Tony Dolan 3 December 2019

At Conn3ct, we are seeing an increasing importance for businesses to be more digitally engaged and connected with their customers. No two customers are the same, and with a multi-generational audience base, the need to provide both traditional communication channels and digital communication solutions is greater than ever.


By combining these approaches, you can help your customers to create a unified, consistent experience for their customers through digital transformation — without sacrificing the need for a more flexible, tailored service.

Key Challenges Customers Face Today


The way businesses interact with their customers is evolving. Frustrations with telephony and IVR systems such as delayed response time and lack of personalisation, prohibit customers from resolving their queries, and businesses from communicating effectively and efficiently.


More businesses are diversifying the way they communicate with customers. Social media messaging and chatbots, and an increase in resource allocation to email and webchat ensure their customers feel heard.


Frustrated customer

Stabilise, Enhance, Transform


Our tried and tested methodology of ‘Stabilise, Enhance, Transform’ is the best way to solve legacy technology issues and improve efficiency and performance, before navigating the complexity of digital transformation at a pace that suits your business needs.

Stabilise your existing estate, improve efficiency and performance, and make immediate cost savings by conducting an audit of your current technology estate.

Enhance what is already in place with best of breed adjunct technologies and mapping a clear migration path.

Transform to a fully customised, best of breed solution at your pace
and in line with your budget.


“We understand how to take customers through the digital transformation journey, to mitigate the risks and the costs by blending our deep operational and technical experience across a broad range of vendors.” 

Martin Cross, CTO, Conn3ct




Here are our five tips to consider if you are planning a digital transformation:

1.  Consider a Managed Service For Optimal Transformation


Managed Services help businesses save money by turning capital into operational expenditure — making it ideal if you want to simplify your systems while reducing costs.


Outsourcing most services to third parties can be costly to run, not to mention time-consuming and complex to manage, particularly with multiple vendor solutions which don’t offer a unified solution for the workforce. Multiple legacy ISDN trunks are also expensive to operate and offer limited flexibility for resilience.



Download our free Managed Services guide to learn more about how we can help  you.


2.  Utilise a Global SIP Service For Reliable Voice and Multimedia Communications

Employee collaboration and multi-channel customer engagement are strategic imperatives. Now more than ever, businesses are reviewing the quality of their global communications and the cost of improving or replacing legacy systems.


But where do companies start when planning a long-term strategy for their telephone and technology systems?

The rise of SIP as an intelligent, low-cost enabler of essential collaboration services has created a new starting point for businesses to build their communication strategies.


Crucially, the global availability of SIP now allows multinational businesses to capitalise on reliable voice and multimedia communications worldwide, with simpler management and reduced cost. Uniquely, these two capabilities are now available as a single SIP service.



Download our free Global SIP guide to learn more about how we can help you.


3.  Leverage the Cloud For Scalable Deployment


To provide the level of support today’s customers need, businesses often have to purchase costly licenses and build platforms with thousands of extra users. Cloud Contact Centres, also known as next generation Contact Centres, offer significant advantages over premise-based models for businesses looking to scale.


Unlike the traditional, premise-based Contact Centre model, cloud-based Contact Centres provide greater flexibility and versatility, solving numerous business challenges.


While traditional Contact Centres are relatively rigid and can become costly fast, Cloud Contact Centres operate on a pay-as-you-go model. That way, you only pay for what you use, and you can layer applications on top according to your business’ unique needs.



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4.  Add More Personalisation to Improve Customer Experience


Traditional Contact Centres rely on interactive voice response (IVR) systems, which require customers to select multiple keypad options before waiting to speak to an available agent. This can make for a tedious experience, often leaving customers flustered and frustrated.


Now, businesses can leverage natural language processing and personalised services to optimise efficiency, reduce costs, and create an enhanced customer experience. 


Most voice applications offer a flexible approach, meaning businesses pay on a usage basis only and the voice speech engine integrates into your backend systems, providing visibility across every action a customer has taken before an interaction.



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5.  Explore Machine Learning and AI Capabilities


At a time when big data and the customer insights they hold are forming the basis for meaningful customer interactions, machine learning and AI applications can enable clients to sift through huge volumes of data to identify patterns and glean unique customer insights and intelligence.


AI capabilities can analyse over 10,000 interactions per second and analyse data patterns from customer queries, enabling businesses to track consistent issues or opportunities for improvement.


Machine learning can identify the tonal range in your clients’ customers’ voices, relating this directly to how they address queries and complaints.


Machine Learning


About Conn3ct


Conn3ct is a truly vendor-agnostic communications partner that helps multi-site organisations across the world to solve their communications challenges by providing simple solutions to complex problems.

Conn3ct draws on over 30 years of experience enabling digital transformation to deliver exceptional customer experience, improve efficiencies, and enhance business performance.


Central to this is our consultative approach. As a trusted managed services and professional services provider, we share our expertise and educate your team throughout your transformation journey, delivering your company’s personalised project to budget and on time.


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