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How to Scale Your Customer Support Team (Without Breaking the Bank) Using Cloud Contact Centre Technology

Tony Dolan 15 February 2019

Unlike the traditional Contact Centre — where scaling up your customer support team can be costly — Cloud Contact Centres offer a cost-effective commercial model whereby companies can be billed on actual usage. Read on to find out more.


Cloud Contact Centre technology is enabling businesses to better prepare for and manage fluctuations in demand, providing a genuinely scalable solution.


A key example of this is cloud-based Contact Centre service Amazon Connect, a product of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This service has enabled Amazon to manage sharp peaks in demand (including Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday) that require tens of thousands more agents than on a typical day.


Now imagine having that same level of flexibility in your Contact Centre. Here’s how to update your existing Contact Centre environment to achieve it.

how to scale a customer support team

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1. Adopt a flexible alternative to the traditional model

Traditional, on-premises Contact Centres are relatively rigid and can become costly fast. For many businesses, it’s not always financially feasible to scale up by purchasing expensive user licenses to meet the peak requirement. But in today’s ‘always on’ environment, customers still expect 24/7 service and therefore it’s crucial that companies keep up.


Cloud Contact Centres address this challenge by offering a more flexible commercial model. For example, Amazon Connect provides a pay-as-you-go service that means you only pay for what you use (per call). You can also layer in applications to suit your business’ unique requirements. This ultimately enables you to scale your customer support team and better cope with fluctuations in customer interactions to enhance the customer experience.


If your customer support team requirements are relatively steady throughout the year, then a Cloud Contact Centre might not be a cost-effective solution. However, if your business is particularly seasonal (such as logistics or travel) and fluctuates often, a Cloud Contact Centre could allow you to make considerable savings.


Not only could a Cloud-based Contact Centre save you money, but it enhances your business’ ability to deliver a seamless customer experience and delight your customers.

2. Utilise natural language capability to maximise efficiency

Cloud Contact Centres can integrate natural language applications, which can be used to scale your Customer Support Team. For example, Amazon Connect implements Lex (Alexa) voice technology to personalise customer interactions and resolve queries more efficiently.

Having natural language capability in your Contact Centre dramatically reduces agent costs, since you can have as many Alexas as you want speaking at once — without needing to hire more agents.


Post-call follow-up actions can also be completed automatically to further streamline the process. Automation works in almost every industry because in the majority of Contact Centres, at least 40% of calls are transactional — if not more. You can’t filter out these queries using traditional IVR systems and so live agents typically handle these calls.


Industries such as retail, logistics, utilities, and finance would benefit from implementing natural language capability in their Contact Centre, making common queries such as ‘where’s my order?’, ‘I’d like to submit a meter reading’, or ‘I’m calling to pay my credit card bill’ quick and easy to resolve.

3. Implement machine learning/AI to gain customer insight

In the past, a supervisor would have needed to listen to as many calls as possible to gain customer insight. However, as a customer base grows, it becomes increasingly impractical for customer support teams to manage the high volume of calls and glean insights from growing data sets.


Cloud Contact Centres such as Amazon Connect address this challenge by integrating machine learning and AI capability, allowing businesses to obtain more accurate answers instantly.


Ocado is a strong example of how machine learning capability can transform the customer experience. Despite providing a consistently great service, Ocado was struggling to scale their customer support team in line with the growing volume emails they were receiving. It was crucial for Ocado to balance this as quickly as possible to uphold the excellent service they’re renowned for.


By utilising machine learning technology, Ocado was able to feed thousands of emails into the algorithm — differentiating praise from complaint emails and filtering them out. By prioritising the complaints, Ocado’s customer support team are now able to quickly resolve these to provide a better service. This level of efficiency couldn’t be achieved by humans alone — but was instead made possible by adopting Cloud Contact Centre technology.


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Should you be switching to a Cloud Contact Centre?

If your business needs to scale its customer support team at low cost, then a Cloud-based Contact Centre such as Amazon Connect could be a great fit.


Having the flexibility to scale your customer support team up or down (depending on demand), utilise natural language capability to gain efficiencies, and harness machine learning/AI technology to interpret customer data has the potential to transform your ability to deliver strong customer experience.


Cloud Contact Centre technology will be especially useful if you’re a small and/or seasonal business that requires a dynamic solution to balance peaks and troughs in demand.


To discover how to facilitate a seamless customer experience in your Contact Centre, download our guide, ‘3 Ways Amazon Connect Will Transform Your Customer Service Capabilities’ today. 

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