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Why Contact Centre Technologies Drive Customer Experience

Tony Dolan 14 October 2020

‘A good workman never blames his tools’, or so the old saying goes. However, given the opportunity, I’m sure many would happily upgrade their tools if it meant better efficiency and better results. Whilst this adage conjures up images of carpenters or builders, it is also relevant to contact centre technology and their agents.


In any good contact centre, agents thrive to deliver an excellent customer experience. But one critical element is sometimes overlooked. The contact centre technology that your agents have at their disposal makes or breaks their ability to deliver a positive customer experience consistently.





Indeed, the contact centre technology can be the difference between empowered, high-performing agents and agents that are unable to deliver excellent service because of poor technology. It makes having the right contact centre technology stack essential.


In this article, we outline what you should look out for in to achieve a high-performing, efficient contact centre.


Why Contact Centre Technology Matters to Customer Experience


Contact centre agents work in high-pressure environments where they are expected to deal with a large number of customer interactions daily in a positive and efficient way. Technology is undoubtedly a key factor in helping them achieve that. From the speed of the UI right through to deeper integration and the ability to get a single view snapshot of a customer.


From the agents perspective, they can easily get frustrated and exasperated if they’re unable to deal with a customer’s interaction successfully. Where this happens your customers will eventually start reacting and that trickles down to the bottom line.


A McKinsey survey suggested that the right contact centre technology can help improve CSAT by up to 20% while boosting revenue by up to 15%. But what makes for a superior contact centre technology?


Five Key Elements of Best-of-Breed Contact Centre Technologies


Your contact centre technology must be responsive, highly integrated, and future proof: you must have a contact centre that is constantly improving and evolving.


Above all else, it must provide the information the agents need to deliver an excellent customer experience in a timely and successful way.


Here are five elements you should consider:


1.     Omnichannel Capability


Today’s customers shop and seek support across a growing range of communication channels such as voice, social media, webchat and your website. Contact centre technology that delivers the goods across just one or two channels will not cut it.


Your contact centre technology must work across all communication channels that your customers want. The best contact centres will make it easy for your agents to “channel surf” with easy access to multiple interaction channels – and the ability to manage customer interactions in one place, regardless of channel.


2.     Data Visibility and Insight


Instant access to a comprehensive view of the customer is critical to good customer experience. For example, forcing agents to have to ask customers for the same information they’ve already given on a different channel isn’t an efficient use of anyone’s time and worse still will frustrate both the customer and the agent.


Genesys Cloud, for example, can integrate directly with your company’s existing technology so that agents can instantly access customer data.



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It makes your agents more responsive to your customers and removes that common customer experience irritant: the need for a customer to constantly repeat information and explain past actions. It is also key to ensure that data is equally visible no matter which channel your customer chooses for interaction.


3.     Modern Technology Architecture


Contact centre technology with a lack of integration, overly complex infrastructure and poor reliability can easily lead to frustrated agents and customers. Downtime, slow responses, and incorrect data will make it very difficult for your agents to deliver excellent customer experience.


Technology solutions are steadily migrating to the cloud – and that’s the case for contact centres too. There are several solutions on the market including Genesys Cloud and Amazon Connect.


Cloud-based contact centres provide flexibility, versatility and economies of scale that might’ve been out of reach before. As your business grows, a cloud contact centre grows with you. There is no need to buy new hardware – you simply pay for the capacity and functionality you need, as you need it, on a subscription basis.



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4.     Rapid Feature Roll-Out


We live in a fast-paced technology world where new technology continuously emerges. Take the number of communication channels used by customers in most contact centres today, some of which will have sounded far-fetched just a few years ago.


Businesses that can pivot their contact centre technology to empower their agents with the tools to provide the best customer experience will be the businesses that grow and thrive.






That is why cloud-based contact centre solutions like Genesys Cloud are increasingly leading the pack. Cloud upgrades are rolled out to agents at regular intervals free of charge with minimal downtime. Contact centres that use cloud technology can enjoy new features as soon as they are released.


5.     Automation and Machine Learning


You need to think about how AI and machine learning can make life easier for your agents and your customers. For example, AI-driven analysis of your customer’s prior actions in the context of thousands of other customer interactions will allow your agents to deliver a highly personalised customer experience.


It creates a proactive environment where your agents are empowered to drive positive customer outcomes. In contrast to always reacting to the customer and sometimes struggling to deal with their contact the first time.



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Choosing The Right Contact Centre Technologies For Your Business


We’ve outlined five key areas that you should consider for your contact centre technology stack to ensure your agents have the right tools at their disposal to deliver the best customer experience possible.


Before you do anything you need to work out your goals as a business.


What are you trying to achieve?


How can you utilise what technology you already have in place?


What best of breed adjunct technologies will enhance your estate?


What timeframe for transformation works for your business and budget?


These are the types of questions we ask our clients.


How Conn3ct Can Help


Our ‘Stabilise, Enhance, Transform’ programme (S-E-T) allows us to help our clients solve legacy technology issues and improve efficiency and performance, before navigating the complexity of digital transformation at a pace that suits your business needs.


Our customers want insight and thought leadership, but their overarching need is innovation that delivers tangible value.


This is where Conn3ct is unique.


We have delivered simple solutions to complex problems for global blue-chip companies around the world. Our customers know they are dealing with trusted advisors.



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Book a consultation with us so that we can analyse your business needs and recommend a solution that is your perfect fit.


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