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3 Cloud Contact Centre Advantages Over Premise-Based Contact Centres

Michael Cole 4 March 2019

Cloud Contact Centres, also known as next generation Contact Centres, offer significant advantages over premise-based models for businesses looking to scale.


Unlike the traditional, premise-based Contact Centre model, cloud-based Contact Centres provide greater flexibility and versatility, solving numerous business challenges.


While traditional Contact Centres are relatively rigid and can become costly fast, Cloud Contact Centres operate on a pay-as-you-go model. That way, you only pay for what you use, and you can layer applications on top according to your business’ unique needs.


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Read on to discover three Cloud Contact Centre advantages over premise-based models, and the challenges they solve:

cloud contact centre advantages


Download our guide to find out '3 Ways Amazon Connect Will Transform Your  Customer Service Capabilities'

1. Utilise a modest budget more effectively

Premise-based Contact Centres typically require you to build your own IT infrastructure — and that’s not the only significant expenditure. To successfully run a traditional Contact Centre, you also need to hire and train live agents to serve customers, which can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. The more your business grows, the more you pay out.

Cloud Contact Centres directly address this challenge by cutting overhead and staff costs.


Firstly, the lack of premise-based IT infrastructure frees up a large sum of money. Secondly, natural language understanding applications such as Amazon’s Lex dramatically reduce agent costs, since you can have as many Alexas as you need speaking at once.


Reducing the above costs ultimately releases funds that can be better utilised elsewhere in your business. If you’re working with a modest budget, then it’s likely that a Cloud Contact Centre will be a good fit.

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2. Manage ambitious business growth plans

Traditional Contact Centres require businesses to purchase costly licenses to facilitate thousands of extra seats or users. If you have ambitious business growth plans, then constantly having to scale up for the maximum peak requirement is unlikely to be the most cost-effective solution.


However, a cloud-based Contact Centre such as Amazon Connect offers the ideal commercial solution, as you only pay for what you use. That way, you’re not wasting money on additional seats that the majority of the time will go unused.


If you’re planning to scale your business significantly, or you’re already experiencing rapid business growth, then a Cloud Contact Centre could well suit your needs.

Download our guide to find out '3 Ways Amazon Connect Will Transform Your  Customer Service Capabilities'

3. Handle fluctuations in demand seamlessly

If your business fluctuates, which is the case for many businesses, a traditional Contact Centre is likely to be too rigid in terms of its offering.


To cope with an influx of customers, for example during seasonal periods (such as Easter, if you’re a travel company), you will be required to purchase additional seats at a premium price.


If you decide not to do so, then you risk being unable to provide customers with the prompt and efficient service that they might have come to expect.


However, by opting for a Cloud Contact Centre, you have the peace of mind that fluctuations in demand are already catered for and that you will pay accordingly; no more, no less. This also ensures that you are able to continue delivering the best possible service to enhance the customer experience.

‘It’s not often you get better service at a lower cost; that’s quite a unique combination.’ — Martin Cross, CTO, Connect Managed Services

Redefining your limitations as opportunities

With a Cloud Contact Centre in place, factors such as a modest budget, ambitious growth plans, and fluctuating demand needn’t be seen as limitations (like they would in a business with a premise-based Contact Centre).


Instead, the above conditions can be treated as opportunities to demonstrate your business’ effective planning skills and ability to deliver a seamless customer experience under any circumstance. How’s that for Contact Centre transformation?


To discover how to facilitate a seamless customer experience in your Contact Centre, download our guide, ‘3 Ways Amazon Connect Will Transform Your Customer Service Capabilities’ today.

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