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Tony Dolan

Head of Marketing - Conn3ct

Recent Posts

How to Design and Implement a Winning Customer Experience Transformation

In 2019, your customers are people, not numbers.

Driven by growing connectivity and the digital technology enabling it, today’s consumers expect...

3 Lessons in Enhancing Customer Experience from a Leading UK Water Provider

We’re in the midst of the Age of the Customer, when it has never been easier for consumers to research their own options and compare prices.

How a Global Fortune 500 Energy Company Consistently Delivers World-Class Customer Experience

Today's customer wants to be treated like a person, not a number. But delivering seamless customer experience (CX) at scale typically presents a...

Why Your Business Needs Unified Communications

Many of us can remember a time when email and instant messaging were revolutionising workplaces around the world. The ability to send a message to...

What is Digital Transformation?

We now live in a world where our fridges can order food, our wearables can track and analyse our exercise habits, and we can receive updates about...

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