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3 Ways Amazon Connect Enables a More Personalised Customer Experience

Tony Dolan 10 September 2019


Customers no longer accept impersonal, monotonous customer interactions. Instead, in an increasingly connected age, customers demand a customer experience that reflects a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and wants as well as their history with your company.

The Contact Centre remains a core customer touchpoint and here too customers expect high levels of personalisation. Amazon Connect promises to deliver a highly personal customer experience, but how does Amazon’s Contact Centre solution deliver on that promise?

What is Amazon Connect?


Amazon Connect is an on-demand Contact Centre service that helps businesses of all sizes deliver an enhanced customer experience at lower cost. Operating on the globally recognised AWS cloud infrastructure, Amazon Connect offers built-in high availability, dynamic scaling and global reach.


The underlying technology for Amazon Connect has been used by Amazon customer service executives around the world to power millions of customer conversations for over a decade. Through an intuitive, graphical self-service interface, Amazon Connect allows a non-technical user to design contact flows, manage agents and track performance metrics.


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How Amazon Connect Delivers A Personalised Customer Experience


By using an Amazon Lex conversation bot in your Contact Centre, callers can perform tasks such as changing a password, requesting a balance on an account, or scheduling an appointment, without needing to speak to an agent. These conversation bots use automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding to recognise the intent of the caller.




Amazon Lex can query your business applications to provide information back to callers, and make automated updates as requested without agent intervention. Amazon Lex conversation bots also maintain context and manage the dialogue, dynamically adjusting responses based on the conversation.


As a result, any company can now offer a more personalised customer experience thanks to:

1.  Contact Centre Flexibility


Traditional Contact Centre solutions offer relatively limited tools to customise the customer experience. Instead, customers are funnelled through a voice menu that may or may not get the customer to the right person. At worst, customers hang up and call again.


In contrast, Amazon Connect is highly configurable, allowing for far deeper Contact Centre customisation. Furthermore, the cloud-based nature of Amazon Connect allows for closer integration into existing business systems. So, Amazon Connect can draw on your business data to customise the Contact Centre experience on the fly.


Customer Experience


This deep integration also enables more self-service possibilities. Instead of relying on a Contact Centre agent to complete tasks customers can enjoy a more extensive self-service facility through an Amazon Connect Contact Centre.


Essentially, Amazon Connect’s cloud-driven integration capabilities allows your business to more closely relate to your customers simply because your extensive customer data sets are now also available to your Contact Centre software.

2.  Amazon Voice Recognition


Amazon’s Echo has proven extremely popular, in part thanks to Alexa, the personal assistant bundled with the Echo. Alexa, or Lex, has advanced voice recognition and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities which make the human, computer interaction feel a lot more natural – and personal.


Contact Centres are highly reliant on interactive voice response (IVR) to guide callers through their queries. However, manually navigating through an IVR system by punching a number only after a whole sequence of options have been listed is very tedious for customers.


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Some companies make use of voice recognition systems, but these are extremely expensive and not as reliable as they could be. Now, businesses can tap into cutting-edge voice recognition simply by deploying Amazon Connect – because Amazon’s advanced NLP and voice recognition capabilities are included at no extra cost.


So, Lex offers customers calling into Contact Centres a far more personalised call. In addition to effective, intelligent voice recognition, Lex can also connect to cloud-based business systems to deliver personalised call routings.


For example, Lex could identify from travel data that a customer was booked for a flight, and that the customer didn’t fly on that occasion. In turn, Lex can automatically offer rebooking options, including the next available flight.

3.  Artificial Intelligence From Amazon


Anticipating the needs of customers is one of the key tenets of personalised customer experience. Artificial intelligence technology, and machine learning in particular, have the ability to look deeply into and learn from thousands of past customer interactions. This enables companies to extract an understanding of typical customer behaviour, crucial for customer experience optimisation.


Contact Centres that use Amazon Connect can tap into Amazon’s extensive AI capabilities to get increased data visibility, leading to the ability to predict how a customer will behave. As a result, Contact Centres can be more responsive to customer behaviour, a responsiveness that offers a more personalised customer experience.


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AI also overlaps with Amazon’s voice recognition capabilities to give Contact Centres the ability to detect what mood a customer is in. By adapting to a customer’s tone of voice a Contact Centre solution can offer a more personal response that reflects the customer’s state of mind.

Amazon Connect Offers Benefits Beyond Customer Experience


Amazon’s Contact Centre solution is truly transformational for the customer experience, but companies can benefit from a range of other advantages too. First, Amazon Connect is easy to implement – there is no need for local equipment and setting up Amazon Connect is straight forward thanks to a user-friendly UI.


Good customer experience


Next, Amazon Connect has no initial costs. Right until the minute your business starts accepting calls through Amazon Connect the cost to use Amazon Connect is literally zero. Furthermore, companies pay for ongoing usage only, there are no standing fees. Amazon Connect allows businesses to spend the right amount on Contact Centre provisioning at peak times, without overspending at quiet times.


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Amazon’s AI-driven insights also provide your business with a better picture of its customers without the need for expensive manual data review and interpretation. Thanks to extensive integration your business can rest assured that its Contact Centre no longer operates in a silo.

Starting With Amazon Connect


Companies used to traditional Contact Centre solutions will be pleasantly surprised by the capabilities on offer through Amazon Connect. Start by reading our guide, 3 Ways Amazon Connect Will Transform Your Customer Service Capabilities.


We also suggest that you get in touch with an expert at Conn3ct so that we can step you though the benefits of Amazon Connect.


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