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What is Amazon Connect Chat?

Tony Dolan 16 June 2020

Amazon Connect Chat gives businesses a single unified contact centre service for voice and chat. Amazon Connect provides a single routing engine which increases efficient distribution among agents and reduces end-customer wait times. Agents benefit from a single user interface to help end-customers with interactions across both voice and chat channels, reducing the number of tools they must learn, and the number of screens they interact with.


Contact centre agents receive chat requests in the same web-based Contact Control Panel (CCP) they use for voice engagements.


Since it is web-based, agents can work from virtually anywhere. Customers can integrate the CCP directly into their customer relationship management (CRM) system applications in order to give their contact centre agent a single consolidated desktop from where to interact with customers across all channels.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Chat


Synchronous communication is a live conversation with a clear start and end and can typically be identified by faster response times. Both agent and customer communicate one to one until the customer’s issue is resolved at which point either party can disconnect the chat session.


Asynchronous communications are a little bit more open-ended and typically have slower response times. A conversation might be marked as “solved” in the ticketing, case management or CRM system after responding but can easily be reopened by customers if they need to write back with more questions.


Amazon Connect chat supports asynchronous messaging, enabling end customers to respond to a conversation at their own pace. End customers can start chatting with contact centre agents from a multitude of business applications, web or mobile app using the free APIs and SDKs provided for Amazon Connect.


Asynchronous chats can ‘persist’ for up to 24 hours, meaning if an agent (or a customer) has to step away from a chat with a customer, the


same chat (including all the messaging history), can be picked up by the same or another agent at a later point in time.


Chats transcripts can also be stored to an S3 Bucket and encrypted securely using your own custom encryption keys.




Unified Agent Desktop


Agents have access to a single, unified, omni-channel desktop application for contact/interaction handling.


With Amazon Connect’s CTI Adapter integration into Salesforce, the CCP is embedded inside the Salesforce page, and support screen-pop based on identifiable user attributes from the chat session, i.e. email address or username.

Unified Reporting and Analytics


Building, monitoring and maintaining your mission critical contact centre reporting and dashboards is easy since metrics and analytics are shared across channels. Amazon Connect chat also integrates with the same broad set of AWS tools and infrastructure as Amazon Connect voice.


For example, you can store chat transcripts in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and use Amazon Kinesis to stream contact centre analytics.


A seamless integration to other AWS AI Services can be utilized for meaningful insights and analytics.


With Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, contact centre supervisors can better understand the sentiment, trends, and compliance risks of customer conversations to effectively train agents, replicate successful interactions, and identify crucial company and product feedback.

Self Service and Bots


Automated interactions can be built for end customers once using contact flows and reuse them across voice and chat.


Just like with voice, Amazon Lex is natively integrated within contact flows for chat, enabling you to add Natural Language Understanding (NLU) powered chatbots to the conversations with end customers.


The conversation context and transcript can be shared across agents and channels, giving end customers the freedom to move seamlessly without forcing them to start all over again or to wait for an agent.


For example, bots (voice and chat) can extract data from your Salesforce instance and other systems in order to carry out self-service for the customer. The customer can choose to talk to an agent at any point, and once connected, the agent has full context visibility of the self-service interactions the customer has carried out to that point.

Simplified Systems and Support


By using the same routing, configuration, analytics, and management tools across voice and chat, Amazon Connect gives you a single unified contact centre service across channels, simplifying contact centre operations, improving agent efficiency, and lowering costs.


If you have existing dashboards they can be modified to show contact centre chat KPIs on your wallboards.

Solution Overview


Chat can be integrated into your website. Contact centre agents receive chat requests in the same way they use voice engagements. Since it is web-based, agents can work from virtually anywhere. Chat can be integrated in the CCP directly into the Salesforce CRM.


Data and context from chat conversations can be captured and passed onto Salesforce to allow the relevant Salesforce pop-ups as soon as the chat interaction arrived on Agent desktop.


This could include details of customer’s journey on the website, Customer’s account details if they are already logged into their account on the website and other details like nature of enquiry.

Pricing model


Amazon Connect chat is charged on a per use basis. There are no required up-front payments, long-term commitments or minimum monthly fees. You pay per chat message, independently of the number of agents or customers using it.


For Amazon Connect chat usage, you pay $0.004 USD for each chat message sent by end customers, agents or by you via contact flows.


For example, if you receive 500 chats a month, each chat having 30 messages, the monthly fee for Amazon Connect chat would be $60 or around £46.50 (+ VAT).


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